Coffee With David

Do you need to know more? What if I told you it's Free!

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What Is It?

  • Free Coffee
  • Great Conversation
  • At a Local Coffee Shop
  • Did I mention Free Coffee?


  • Well, coffee is amazing.
  • Plus I love meeting new people & catching up with old friends.
  • Did I mention I love Coffee?

What You Need to Do?

  • Check Your Schedule
  • And Most Importantly:

Still Want To Know More?

  • When?
    Schedule a time. Any time. We will work it out together.
  • Who?
    Anyone. Really.
  • Where?
    Do You Have a favorite coffee shop? Are You Looking for a New Favorite? You tell me what is convenient and we will go from there.
  • What will we talk about?
    We can discuss music, food, video games, poor decisions from your past, pretty much anything.
  • Are you really offering to pay?
    Yes. Absolutely. Let's just agree now to skip the Kopi Luwak though, ok? Thanks.
  • Is there any situation where I end up paying?
    Yes. If you would like to discuss anything related to your business, startup, or project, you pay. Also, if your name is Chirag.
  • So you are saying I can get 30-45 mins of professional advice for the price of coffee?
    Sure. I could help you buy a domain and set up hosting, re-design a landing page to drive conversions, or setup a social media account to improve your marketing efforts. It’s all fun. And, it's all free... as long as you are paying 😜.
  • All for the price of a coffee?
    All for the price of a coffee. And maybe a chocolate chip cookie if you want to make my day! ☺️
  • What if I am just a friend?
    Sign-Up! I always love to catch up, just be ready for a big hug.
  • What if I am family?
    Mom.... of course!! I'll even buy you lunch ☺️. Just stop sharing those embarrassing photos!
  • What if I just want to sing and dance?!
    I mean... yes, please! Don't even sign up, call me now, and let's go to Karaoke!